In 2013, the Great Lakes reached their lowest water levels in recorded history.

DRAIN is a documentary film in search of an actionable solution for manmade lowering of the Great Lakes.

Join the movement and be part of the solution.

Quick Facts

How the Great Lakes are vital.

Factors Affecting Water Levels

Natural factors have a big influence on water levels, however, man made modifications have permanently lowered the Great Lakes.

Natural Influences

On Water Levels
Hydrologic Cycle
The Great Lakes are continuously replenished through a process of evaporation, precipitation and inflows. Over 99% of this water however, is nonrenewable.
Long-term Climate Variability
The climate in the Great Lakes naturally varies over seasons and years, causes drastic fluctuation in lake levels.
Glacial Isostatic Rebound
A massive ice sheet formed the Great Lakes over 10,000 years ago and the weight of that ice is still causing the land to slowly rise and affect water levels.

Human Influences

On Water Levels

It’s largely unknown how rising global temperatures will affect Great Lakes water levels but it looks to be a huge factor.

Man-made modification to waterways through dredging has permanently lowered lake levels.

Human consumption of Great Lakes water is minimal but still plays an important role in the overall equation determining water levels.

A Problem We Have Created

One major culprit for low water is dredging of the St. Clair River. The Army Corps of Engineers deepened the river to allow large ships to travel through the Great Lakes and planned to install structures to minimize outflow.


Actionable Solution

A plan dating back to the 1960’s was approved by Congress to install compensation structures in St. Clair River to offset increased outflow. But it was never completed. We can finish the project and restore natural water levels.

A Solution From
50 Years Ago
To permanently restore water levels

Be A Part of the Solution

It already exists.

DRAIN is a grassroots movement to raise awareness for the importance of the Great Lakes and ensuring they remain viable for generations.
Join us today to make sure you’re part of the conversation.

Every person that can share our mission will help spread this idea. If you don’t have time or money to spare, every Tweet or social action helps. Use the hashtag #DRAINFilm and be part of the movement.Help ensure the Great Lakes stay great! Check out #DRAINfilm – a Great Lakes Documentary

The immediate action DRAIN aims to achieve is installing compensation measures in the St. Clair River to offset manmade deepening that has permanently lowered the Upper Great Lakes. Sign the petition to for our government to finish a project authorized by Congress over 50 years ago but never completed!

Support from the community is essential for DRAIN’s success. This project has been made possible by the generous contributions of people who are passionate about preserving the Great Lakes. Make your donation today and be part of the movement!

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