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DRAIN is a grassroots movements to raise awareness for the importance of the Great Lakes and ensuring they remain viable for generations.
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Every person that can share our mission will help spread this idea. If you don’t have time or money to spare, every Tweet or social action helps. Use the hashtag #DRAINFilm and be part of the movement.Help ensure the Great Lakes stay great! Check out #DRAINfilm – a Great Lakes Documentary

The immediate action DRAIN aims to achieve is installing compensation measures in the St. Clair River to offset manmade deepening that has permanently lowered the Upper Great Lakes. Sign the petition to for our government to finish a project authorized by Congress over 50 years ago but never completed!

Support from the community is essential for DRAIN’s success. This project has been made possible by the generous contributions of people who are passionate about preserving the Great Lakes. Make your donation today and be part of the movement!

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